Ep. 71 PBS with Allishia Knotts and Daniel Mills

March 28, 2016

This week Daniel Mills (UCB, Made Up Musical) and Allishia Knotts (Second City, IO's Jet Jaguar) join us as Lisa relives her educationally informative childhood through watching PBS kids shows! We'll find out if Mr. Rogers was a sharpshooting sniper for the military, whether Bert and Ernie are still "in the closet", and more quirks!


Ep. 70 Boobs 2 with Allishia Knotts

March 21, 2016

This week Allishia Knotts joins us in celebrating year one and our second helping of boobs! (pretty much NSFW).


Ep. 69 Ghostbusters Trailer Review with Ryan Pigg and Sid Raskind

March 14, 2016

Ryan Pigg and Sid Raskind join Lisa to talk Johnny off the International Ghostbusters Trailer ledge.

Be sure to check these handsome gentlemen in The Burbs Nerdist Sketch Team:


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Ep. 68 Tattoos with Aristotle Acevedo

March 7, 2016

Aristotle returns to join us as he talks about his first and recent tattoo of the outline of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, Lisa talks about her 6 tattoos that make her look a little sleeved, Johnny doesn't want another tattoo (aside from the only one he has), tattoo "regerts", and would you get a tattoo?