112 Rick and Morty season 3 with Rob the Wulf

August 18, 2017

After a nice break, LisaBot and returning guest and cosplayer/game enthusiast Rob the Wulf joins in to talk about the crazy sci-fi adventures of Rick and Morty!

We talk about what's going on in season 3 so far, Rob shows off his replica guns and toys, and LisaBot gets her own Squanch! Photos in reference will be posted on our Facebook page!


110 - Wonder Woman Review

June 2, 2017

It's a short and sweet movie review for Wonder Woman! Tune in for more reviews and other ramblings this summer!


Episode 108 - Colossal Ghost Kaiju in the Nutshell

April 10, 2017

The audio companion of my Facebook live video from 4/9, available on facebook.com/noshowpodcast! I talk about the second half of my trip to Japan (Kyoto and back to Tokyo), I try to get into Monsterpalooza, and I review both Ghost in the Shell and Colossal!


107 Black Mirror with Maria DeLaGhetto

February 20, 2017

Maria DeLaGhetto and I put on our black and red lipstick and go down the dark void of technology mixed with the Twilight Zone, it's known as Black Mirror! We talk about the episodes that stood out (and yes we talk about the "San Junipero" episode), Hater the dating app, and other thought provoking things.


106 Resident Evil with Ray Woods

February 13, 2017

My friend from way back Ray joins me in a discussion about the 20 years and counting survival horror video game RESIDENT EVIL!! How were we introduced to this playable display of zombie action and terror? What do we think of the new Resident Evil 7 game? Who's the better badass, Alice from that RE live-action "remake" monstrosity or Jill Valentine? That one is obvious.


105 Dane up your Danes

February 6, 2017

Introducing LisaBot's first solo entry in No Show Podcast history! Topics include actual patriot vs. actual falcon, Super Bowl LI TV Spots for upcoming films, and her review of the latest Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet!

Recovered from LisaBot's brain farts: The female villlain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is named Ayesha (played by Elizabeth Debicki), in Santa Clarita Diet Timothy Olyphant plays Sheila's (Drew Barrymore) husband and partner in crime, Joel Hammond. The show seems like a mix of Dexter, Desperate Housewives, and Weeds.




104 Bob’s Burgers with Old Man Johnny and Peter Stoia

January 30, 2017

Old Man Johnny returns as a guest host and Peter Stoia and I talk Bob's Burgers as Johnny has a bathroom break, favorite primary and minor characters, Bob's Burgers Burger Cookbook, and more!


103 Women in Comedy

January 23, 2017

Maria DeLaGhetto returns to join LisaBot in the discussion of women in comedy! Whether it's stand-up, improv, TV and film, these women changed the face of comedy. Liquor was added and this is the result!


102 Dating in 2017 with Maria DeLaGhetto

January 13, 2017

Because dating in 2017 can be a bit more difficult, but we share our junior high school hijinks, dating stories, what a "fuckboy" is, Keanu Reeves as the ageless John Wick, and one last junior high school story about watching Titanic at the local dollar theater!


101 Top 5 Films of 2016!

December 28, 2016

WE ARE BACK! And we're going over our Top 5 Films of 2016 with returning guest and the man with the luxurious long blonde hair, Kyle Hendrickson! Old Man Johnny is also stepping down as co-host for a while for personal reasons, so if you're interested in becoming a guest co-host and you live in the Los Angeles area, please contact us at noshowpodcast@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook or Twitter accounts!