Ep. 49 Top 5 Horror Movies with Rob Fonte and Timothy Aro

October 26, 2015

Break out the fake blood, the fandom, the cult classics, and the horror! (The Horror!!!) This week the No Show Podcast is joined by Horror Movie savants Rob Fonte and Tim Aro for our TOP 5 HORROR MOVIES episode!


Ep. 48 Crimson Peak Review

October 19, 2015

Beware of No Show Podcast! This week Lisa and Johnny review Guillermo Del Toro's new Gothic Romance; Crimson Peak!


Ep. 47 The Apocalypse Episode with Michael Levine

October 12, 2015

Onion Contributor, Michael Levine joins the No Show Podcast for the Apocalypse Episode. Dream hunks, robots, zombies and viral end of world scenarios are no match of the Mike @bizmichael, #LisaBot and #OldManJohnny!


Ep. 46 The Princess Bride

October 5, 2015
You guys want true love and high adventure? As you wish. This week Johnny and Lisa get into S Morgentern's Classic as told through William Goldman, or was it Peter Faulk?