Ep. 18 Pizza

March 30, 2015

It’s great drunk/hangover food, it’s Pizza Head from Pizza Hut, it’s local restaurants recommendations, it’s the enormity of feeding a party. It’s our PIZZA EPISODE!


Ep. 17 Doctor Who

March 23, 2015

Once again, from the Meltdown Comics Green Room, Lisa shares her knowledge of Doctor Who, Johnny's gripe with merchandise selling at Hot Topic, the Gillan/Gillian/Gilliam effect, and the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi)!


Ep. 16 Lisa’s Move

March 16, 2015

Coming to you from Hollywood, CA in the Meltdown Comics Green Room, Lisa and Johnny celebrate a milestone: Lisa's First Apartment while also introducing two new segments: MIXTAPE MADNESS and COKE v. PEPSI!
Johnny's Mix: 
Lisa's Mix: 

Ep. 15 Boobs with Maria DeLaGhetto

March 9, 2015

Lisa and Johnny are joined by long-time pal and comedienne, Maria DeLaGhetto where they tackle a subject that is always on our minds since birth: BOOBS.  

Well, boobs, middle school slumber parties, and the precursor to No Show; GirlTalk.
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Ep. 14 [Side B] Parks & Rec Finale

March 2, 2015

Lisa reviews the Parks & Rec series finale (RIP Harris Wittels), Johnny quizzes Lisa Whiskey Edition, and reasons you should watch Parks & Rec.


Ep. 14 [Side A] Power Rangers

March 2, 2015

We discuss the 90's TV show versus the nitty gritty homage, Pink Ranger comparisons, and that time Johnny met James Van Der Beek.