104 Bob’s Burgers with Old Man Johnny and Peter Stoia

January 30, 2017

Old Man Johnny returns as a guest host and Peter Stoia and I talk Bob's Burgers as Johnny has a bathroom break, favorite primary and minor characters, Bob's Burgers Burger Cookbook, and more!


103 Women in Comedy

January 23, 2017

Maria DeLaGhetto returns to join LisaBot in the discussion of women in comedy! Whether it's stand-up, improv, TV and film, these women changed the face of comedy. Liquor was added and this is the result!


102 Dating in 2017 with Maria DeLaGhetto

January 13, 2017

Because dating in 2017 can be a bit more difficult, but we share our junior high school hijinks, dating stories, what a "fuckboy" is, Keanu Reeves as the ageless John Wick, and one last junior high school story about watching Titanic at the local dollar theater!