Ep. 83 Time Travel with Mike Sellari and Jenny Chalikian

June 27, 2016

Mike Sellari from the This on That Podcast and comedienne Jenny Chalikian join us as we discuss theories, movies/TV, and more about TIME TRAVEL!


Ep. 82 Futurama with Alex Firer and Mike Levine

June 20, 2016

Good news, everyone! This week we talk Futurama with first time guest Alex Firer (The Devastator) and wonderful returning guest Mike Levine!

Happy Ice Cream Soda Day, Vanilla Milkshake Day, and American Eagle Day!

Talking points: Favorite Futurama "era", backstory episodes, Jewish and Catholic upbringings, episodes that gave us the feels, internet memes, John's starstruck moment in an elevator, Mike's unforgettable retweet from John DiMaggio, and lines and jokes around!

Ep. 81 X-Men with Lauren Bancroft

June 13, 2016

Cosplayer Lauren Bancroft joins us to talk about X-Men. Whether it's the 90's TV show, films, or comic books, we talk about it all!

Talking points: The Merry Mutants, favorite X-Men live-action films, X-Men's civil rights and empowering female characters, cosplay and ideas, Johnny's gripe with Gambit's comic book accent, the 4-player arcade game, barcades, and what powers would we like to have.

Ep. 80 Game of Thrones with Kirk Novak and Theresa Gumprecht

June 6, 2016

Hold the Mic! Hold the Mic! Hold the Mic! This week Kirk Novak and Theresa Gumprecht of The Nerdist School journey with us to the Seven Kingdoms aka Westeros. We predict the coming of Ian McShane and have a little bit of everything for everyone, Show People, Book People, and like Johnny, Clueless People!

Spoilers as usual...