Ep. 41 Hayao Miyazaki with Victoria Garcia

August 31, 2015

Special guest and Lisa's friend Victoria Garcia joins in to talk about our love for the films of Hayao Miyazaki!!


Ep. 40 SNL with Ryan Pigg

August 24, 2015

Recorded at Meltdown Comics in LA, special guest Ryan Pigg joins in to discuss the evolution of the SNL logo, cast members/alumnis and improv schools, Lisa and her Gap Girls skit transcript, remembering Chris Farley, favorite Weekend Update host(s), Nerdist school shows sponsored by Fleshlight (NSFW), Chevy Chase is an asshole.


Ep. 39 Soundtrack to Your Life

August 17, 2015

How we came up with the name of the episode, how a song affects us (emotionally), honorable mentions to late 80's/early 90's songs, music videos that were cool when we were kids (and STILL COOL), Lisa wasn't a fan of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" music video, our 5 songs, Lisa almost cries talking about one song, and Danny Elfman is awesome!


Ep. 38 The Simpsons with John Ungaro and Tyler Evans

August 10, 2015

Special guests John Ungaro (The Stonecutters L.A. Trivia Show) and Tyler Evans share their love for the Simpsons along with Johnny, favorite minor characters that aren't family members, favorite episodes, Lisa doesn't mind the "Lisa It's Your Birthday" song, and (almost) Simpsons-style Mad Libs for John and Tyler!

CORRECTION: Stonecutters L.A. happens every first Saturday of the month! We recorded this episode early.


Ep. 37 Ant-Man Movie Review with Dustin McLean

August 3, 2015

Special guest Dustin McLean from DIY Prop Shop returns to review the latest Marvel Movies, Ant-Man. Sure it's been a couple weeks, but Evangeline wigs and younger CG Michael Douglasses still need to be addressed!