Ep. 26 Mad Max: Fury Road Review with Jenn Scott and Eric Navarette

May 26, 2015


Comedian Jenn Scott and Writer/Producer Eric Navarrette join the No Show Podcast to discuss what might just be the movie of the summer; MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!

Ep. 25 Celebrity Crush with Maria DeLaGhetto

May 18, 2015
Maria DeLaGhetto returns for a round of Epic Top 5 CELEBRITY CRUSH. Timeless handsomeness, Booty Calls, Tacos, and Super Nintendo! 

Check out the ALL-NEW Official Logo and theme song!

Ep. 24 Nicktoons with Adam Murray

May 11, 2015
Special Guest Adam Murray really gets into the world that Lisa knows VERY little about: NickToons! Johnny's still an old man, and Adam might cry over Hey Arnold!

Ep. 23 Cinco de Mayo with Melissa Paramo

May 4, 2015
Johnny’s got a sugar rush, Lisa and special guest Melissa Paramo are buzzed whilst making fun of Buzzfeed lists, Lisa is a computer database, we discuss a BIT of history behind Cinco de Mayo, Mexipendence Day the movie, the French, Filipinos and Mexicans are alike culturally/socially, also a fun bonus game!

Correction(s): Actor Esai Morales played Richie Valens’ older brother Bob Morales in the 1987 film La Bamba.